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How To Clear Your Browser

In Order To Complete Your Purchase.

If the items your want to purchase won't stay in your cart. Chances are you need to clear your browser. Most are unaware that when they go to other websites to purchase items that those websites use cookies to track their customers activities.  Which in the long run stop people from adding items in their carts on other peoples websites. Just follow the instructions below and you too can clear your browser and order what want. These instructions work for desktop, laptops, tablets and cell phones. 

Open up a new tab then open your google chrome like the one in the picture below.

Google Browser Clearing

You will see three dots in the upper right corner. Please click the three dots like the ones in this picture below. A window should drop down. Now click on the Settings icon.

Google Browser Clearing 02

Now scroll down until you see the word Advanced. Click it.

Google Browser Clearing 02

Now scroll down until you see the words Clear Browsing Data. Click it.

Google Browser Clearing 03

Now finally click the Clear Data link. This should clear your browser and allow you to put items in your cart so you can purchase the herbal products that like.

Google Browser Clearing 04